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The Latest Shoots:

Karen, Martin, Sebastian & Loren: Family shoot  What an awesome family! I had so much fun photographing this family. The shoot was full of bubbles, toys and bikes and the kids seemed to have a blast, as did their parents. At the end of the shoot Karen asked for a few pictures of her and her husband and the pictures came out great. They also had a beautiful calendar made for 2010 of all their favourite shots and my word, these calendars come out beautifully, so be sure to have a look at an upcoming blog post on the subject!

Robyn, Ewan & Jasmine: Family shoot This past weekend I got to photograph my lovely friends, Robyn and Ewan, and their adorable daughter, Jasmine. But let me tell you this shoot was not ordinary! At our first location I slipped and fell into a pool of algae (everything else was hurt apart from my camera!) then Robyn tried to save me, which then made her slip, but luckily Ewan grabbed her and alas all was fine! After the trauma of algae, we moved to a lighter, fun water location where we got some great shots! But I must say even at the the first location we some great ones too…what a beautiful family.

t17.jpg Tenielle & Dirk: Pregnancy Tenielle and Dirk are friends of mine who are pregnant. Their little boy will be born on 21 December 2009 and I can’t wait to photograph him when he is welcomed into the world. They are one good looking couple so the shoot was just wonderful. Talk about a glowing couple! That is going to be one adorable little boy.

d19.jpg Donna:Bride What a stunning lady. Donna was a dream to photograph, a beautiful long white wedding dress in the forest was just beautiful. She is such a sweety too and is going to make her groom super happy. Everything about this shoot was fun, especially the part when little bugs started crawling up her dress and she couldn’t stop laughing!!

co02.jpgColby at 1 year 6 months : Colby is a little bundle of energy. During this shoot he literally ran ALL over the place including the deck, the lounge, the pool, and the garden to name a few, not stopping once. The only time this little guy stops is to eat! But what fun it was to photograph him, personality, personality, personality.

cw10.jpgRebecca: Bride : So here is the beautiful bride. I got to shoot her in a fantastic old building, everything that makes a great photograph was there; texture (the old rustic walls), colour (the burnt umber colour of the aged concrete) and a beautiful model. All in all it was a great day and great fun.

c2.jpgRebecca: Engagement session : Rebecca’s boyfriend wanted some photos of his lovely bride to be so I found this amazing bird park that was the perfect spot for some natural and fun shots. Eagle Canyon Golf Estate really has some great spots, I look forward to shooting here more.

m3.jpgAlex : This is my mom, after a few days of persuasion I finally got her to model for me and she was really good! After the initial embarrassment she was a pro in front of the camera and had a lot of fun doing it too. Here are a few fun shots with her in a stunning garden, just in time for spring!