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In December I visited the Timbavati, a region next to the Kruger Park, famous for their wild White Lions. Of course I didn’t think that I would see them, I think I’m bad luck when it comes to that sort of thing but amazingly I did and what a beautiful experience it was for me.

First and foremost, White lions are not albinos. They are born to a pride who has the recessive gene that causes them to be white. There are a quite a few prides in the Timbavati who have this gene already; it is just a matter of whether of not a cub born has it. So, knowing that a female can give birth to say, two white lions and two tawny lions. Due to their white coat, and unlike their tawny cousins, camouflage is kind of non existent to them which some people say, gives them a very little chance of surviving in the wild. Although very little is known about wild white lions to date, the more people see and learn, and research, the more we will know and the greater chance they’ll have of surviving in the wild. I certainly will do what I can to keep them on this earth, in the wild.

The pride below only has two white cubs and although the rest are slightly tawny, they are still a bit lighter than their darker cousins. Enjoy the sighting!