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Off a small archipelago off the coast of Kenya, lies Lamu island. A quiet, slow and other worldly hidden gem of the African coastline. As soon as you arrive in Lamu a sense of calm overcomes your soul and you instantly feel the spiritual connection of the land. It is filled to the brim with history, from Old town Lamu which shows life as it was, and still is (no cars, only donkeys) and a way of life that is slow and steady, and peaceful.

The Majlis is an uber beautiful and luxurious resort opposite the town of Shela and Old town. Amazing Italian (and other) food is served from the most wonderful and friendly staff. Think pistachio and hazelnut gelato, butternut ravioli and delectable gnocchi. The spacious resort boasts two huge pools which look over the channel between Shela and Manda island (on which The Majlis is). Watch the sun set every evening with snacks and cold French wine, while breathing in the pace of the land and watching the dhows float by as the sun turns the sky amber. A magical place to the least.