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I was going through my old my photos this morning and I came across some of my favourites. My Kilimanjaro pictures. This was one trip I will never forget and would probably do again so that I can take better pictures! Although these pics aren’t the greatest technically I feel like they portray the feeling of being up there watching the sun come through the clouds from the highest point in Africa. What an amazing feeling.

I thought I’d add a few tips for anyone who is considering climbing this beautiful mountain…

My top 5 things to bring with you:

Waterproof clothes that are really waterproof (mine soaked up all the snow and rain – I was absolutely freezing!)

Energy bars (I couldn’t really eat anything for the last two days because of nausea from the Altitude sickness. The only thing I could really stomach were these)

Slops (When you’ve been walking in hiking boots for days, your feet will beg to be open and free around camp!)

A big floppy hat (as you get higher the sun gets stronger and your face will burn super easily. You’re also in the sun for most of the day at any point on the mountain)

A journal ( You’ll never want to forget exactly how you felt at every point on the mountain. I wrote in mine every night.)

You can read more about my journey up Kilimanjaro here.

Here are a few pics to get you inspired…

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Kilimanjaro photos