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Tonight it is the 2009 Sony Profoto Awards in Johannesburg and I was so lucky to be nominated for two of my wildlife images. And it makes it so much better when it’s two images that I absolutely love! The elephant image is actually my desktop background and the ostrich image has always been a love of mine. One of my friend’s, Danielle Devin, who now lives in Scotland actually asked me for that ostrich image to remind her of Africa, which was heartwarming for me 🙂 There is also something called the Peoples Choice Award and that award goes to the image that the public likes the best. You can go and vote for your favourite one on the site. Here are the two images…the elephant image was taken of a Matriarch and a younger ellie in Pilanesberg, it was a tender moment and I can still see the emotion in it which is why I love it so much. The Ostrich image was taken in Mabalingwe near Bela Bela and we were actually on the way out when this ostrich family wouldn’t get out of the road! Luckily they didn’t! Wish me some luck tonight when I go to the awards to see if they have won! I’ll keep you posted.