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mt-safaritips101-wl-large.jpgMorning all! We start this week with a fabulous new book that Michael Theys of Africafreak.com put together. The book is all about safaris and includes anything and everything you need to know about these awesome trips. Topics include game walks, game drives, where to go, what to do. It’s basically a must-read if you’ve never been on a safari before. It also has a section on Photography and yes, you guessed it…I was a guest contributor! I’m so glad Michael asked me to contribute because it is an awesome project that I’m proud to be involved in. You can get your free safari e-book from his blog, yes I said free, by clicking here!

Also check out Michael’s blog and his twitter page for regular updates on anything Africa! There is a reason why he is called Africafreak! So go check it out and look out for my page!