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So, I’ve decided that from now on I’m going to start putting up a photo every now and again to discuss and share. I’ve been sort of doing this on Facebook for a while now and why not add it to my website; you then get to see a whole lot more!

The very first picture in this category is from my recent Drakensberg hospitality shoots. I walked around in the surrounding mountains and hills for about 2 hours getting these types of shots. I wanted to get a great image that showed a good interest point (this being the aloe in the foreground) and also at the same time capture the rolling hills and beautiful green and blue that was present that day. Most people (including me!) will often take a picture of a landscape without a nice focal point and just of a pretty landscape, and you can see here that it takes the picture to that next level, creating interest and allowing your eye to move around the canvas. I photograph in manual almost all of the time and for this image I moved my exposure dial 2 stops (this is called exposure compensation) to the left to capture the green and blue intensely – I’ve found this works quite well. Overall I like it- I’d love to hear what you think!

f 8 ; Shutter speed: 1600 ; Iso: 400