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We had a great sighting of elephant near a dam in the Timbavati; there must have been around 30 elephant and in between them fluttering by creating chaos was a flock of Wattled starlings. The interaction was awesome – the starlings were flying and dodging in between elephants at a crazy speed and to make it even better the herd had around 6 or 7 beautiful little elephant calves. This little guy particularly caught my eye because of his newborn fuzz. To me this isn’t the best crop at all, it feels slightly squashed but I really like the Wattled starlings in the background against the elephant’s skin – it gives a great contrast.

In fact I thought it would make a great art piece so I decided to crop it completely so that the birds and the skin was all that you saw and I really like the result! I can see this going up on my wall with a white frame :)It just goes to show that what you were originally shooting might not always be the best result; look into the photograph you’ve taken and see what makes it stand out.

Here is the original:

Elephant with wattled starlings

Iso:400; 300mm; f6.3; 1/400

And the new art piece:

birds with elephant background

I’d love to hear what you think??! 🙂 Have a great week everyone!