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A wild gem in a remote corner of the Okavango, Duke’s took me back in time. A carefully curated collection of artefacts all sourced by Ralph Bousfield, a true legend in the safari industry.

The story behind the camp was one I loved listening to, Ralph is the ultimate storyteller who completely engaged me and told me stories of his Father, Jack, who was the mind behind Jack’s Camp in the Kalahari (the first of their lodges). Jack was a professional hunter and set up his own makeshift camp using quad bikes at a spot he discovered when hunting in the ’60s—years later becoming the exact spot the Kalahari legend Jack’s Camp would be located. While Jack’s Camp has long taken its cue from the desert, Duke’s Camp draws its inspiration from the Okavango Delta, consisting of over 50 percent of recycled and upcycled materials from Natural Selection’s resources.

Duke’s Camp is named in honor of Sarefo “Duke” Sarefo, the custodian of this 220,000-acre piece of wilderness. His forefathers of the Wayeyi tribe worked the waters of the Okavango Delta as traditional fishermen and called the Kgao Island home for three generations. In 2002, Duke applied to take ownership of the island to acknowledge his family’s heritage and has since remained dedicated to protecting and preserving the island, working in partnership with Unchartered Africa to encourage eco-tourism to safeguard the island for generations of the Sarefo family.
A truly special place in this wild part of Africa.