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After recently returning from a beautiful trip to Mauritius (even though it was for work 🙂 ) I thought I should give you all a run down on the best things to do around the island. There are many blogs out there letting you know the popular conventional (and awesome) things to do and so on that note I decided to put some more unconventional things on my list 🙂

1. Visit Ile Aux Cerf

Ok this one is quite conventional but there is no question with this trip. This beautiful small island on the east coast is a must for any holiday goer! Expect a day full of water activities like para sailing, water skiing and snorkeling. Remember to bring along plenty of sun block though, my brother turned a bright shade of lobster after not applying enough the one time we went there for the day. There will be loads of fully inclusive packages available at your hotel (through local tour operaters) which will include a boat trip to the island and a lunch while you are there.

Ile Aux Cerfs

2. Use Twitter and Facebook

I know this one may sound weird but if you are planning to do a day trip to a popular destination use Twitter and/or Facebook to find tour operators. I needed to find a transfer to the airport and so I used the following hashtags on Twitter: #Mauritius #transfer #hotel and got a number of messages from local companies with minutes all ready to take me when I needed to go. This option may even end up being cheaper than what you had found through the more conventional ways.

3. Have a cocktail or 3 at Banana Bar in Grand Bay

This awesome little cocktail bar across the road from the beach is almost always buzzing. If you up for a bit of a party, this is the spot.

Cocktails in Mauritius

4. Adventure snorkeling

I just coined that name by the way…hehehe. But really, if you are staying on the beach at a private house or Villa and feel like being a bit adventurous, rent a kayak or swim out to a spot that isn’t usually seen by tourists. We stayed at a house in Pointe aux Piments and quickly found a huge reef and drop-off, just off of the rocks close to the beach. There was no one around but us and we had this huge amazing aquarium all to ourselves. It was completely magical to say the least!

Water activity in Mauritus

5. Sit by yourself

On one of the nights you are on holiday, find a spot on some rocks close to the sea and just breathe. I watched the sun go down on my last night and had my faithful friend (my Nikon) with me and just drank the wild ocean air. The colours in the sky were unbelievable and I was able to enjoy that moment a lot more with no one around me. I stayed there until after dark. It was such a peaceful moment and I will remember it for a long time. It made me feel enthralled to be alive and live in this amazing world.

Sea Mauritius

I took this shot on the evening I spoke about. Just me and the sea.

6. Get to the highest point you can

Whether it be by helicopter (which can be a bit pricey) or by car or hiking trail, try get to the highest point you can get to. Seeing an island from high up should be on everyone’s bucket list. It is a sight you will cherish forever.

Air Mauritius

Me about to do a shoot of Ambre hotel from the air

7. Go on a Catamaran

Ok, I know this one is a bit conventional but it is also one of those must-do’s. Through a local tour operator you can spend the day on a Catamaran visiting Crystal Roche and or other small islands around Mauritius. Expect beautiful snorkeling, a yummy lunch of local braaied seafood and traditional Sega dancing on the boat.

Day out mauritius

8. Dance in the rain

Depending on the time of year you go to Mauritius ( Peak: Summer is from November to April but has occasional rain showers ), you may find yourself getting a bit wet. But don’t let this deter you. We had an amazing time dancing in the rain on New Years eve. It’s not just a saying, it really is exhilarating! The point of this particular point is don’t let the rain and/or anything else stop you from having the time of your life 😉

South Africa has flights to Mauritius through SAA (daily) and Air Mauritius.