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A few weeks ago my little brother and I went to play around at Mountain Sanctuary park, about an hour and a half from Joburg. We were on the hunt for some landscape shots and had plenty of opportunity to take some great shots. The park has numerous hiking and biking trails, huge rock formations, rock pools and interesting tree formations growing out of rocks and on the ground. We were on a time crunch that time but next time we go I’ll definitely stay longer – I can imagine what else there is to shoot – especially the cave/grotto which has a waterfall in the middle of it – unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to get there but still got some great shots.

Throughout this blog post you’ll see rare photos of me on the job 🙂 and one of my favorite’s; the photo of Matthew jumping into the rock pool (that pool was so deep but tiny! Maybe 1.5 by 1.5m – (and he’s doing a bomb into it!) The things we do to get that shot 😉