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While I was in the Seychelles at the end of last year I had the opportunity to photograph a luxury yacht that is owned by The Wharf hotel and Marina. I have never been on anything quite like this. To put it in a few words – it is absolutely amazing. As you step foot onto the humungous yacht you feel like P Diddy should be following you in. Saying it is luxurious is putting it lightly. Unfortunately on the day we photographed the yacht, it was raining on and off so we tried our best to get some great shots. One of the things that I didn’t manage to shoot due to the weather was the huge jacuzzi on the top (third floor), but I’m sure you can imagine the parties that would go on there.The yacht has four bedrooms, plasma tvs, a kitchen area, lounge and decks looking in every direction. The Wharf hires out the yacht for private functions or day trips (like below which includes a stop at a tiny island with a lunch) and you can even hire it out for a few days and sail through Seychelles water, jumping out and snorkeling wherever you please. And yes the picture close to bottom, looking through the window is a shower…can you imagine taking a shower and watching the turtles and fish swim by??? Here are a few of the shots from the shoot.