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SONY DSCSo you know I said that these guys play just like my domestic dogs…well these photos show it. You’ll see, if you scroll down, them biting and nibbling each other. The pic even shows the one dog with the other dog’s head in his mouth (don’t worry, he really was just playing!).

This type of social behaviour strengthens relationships within the pack and shows affection. Another amazing thing about these animals is that their social structure within the group isĀ  based on submission rather than aggression… okay I know that sounds a bit confusing. Basically it means that, say they are eating and it is the dominant dogs who are at that moment eating, the younger dogs will beg and plead and grovel for food instead of fighting. They will never fight with each other, only beg. It’s amazing the amount of respect they have for one another. It’s a bit like our dogs at home…Rossi (after Valentino Rossi of course! [my Cocker Spaniel]) will always only beg me for food at the table, it’s not like he would try fight me for my dinner…although that would be funny, he’s a bit of a woos, hahaha. Anyway that’s what submissive behavior means.

The sounds these animals make are also something to be spoken about. More of a bird than a dog. They chirp and squeak to each other while playing and hunting and especially do it before they go off and hunt, its almost like a ceremony before they eat! They will then also communicate with each other on the hunt to make the kill, of which they get 80% of all the times they try…what can I say…amazing animals.