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Me in my car alone, a packet of cheese flavoured popcorn (don’t ask), a 2 litre bottle of water and a pack of about 20 Wild dogs. Pure bliss.

Wild dogs are such amazing animals. You feel like you can just get out of the car and go pat one on the head after watching them play together – I swear they play just like my dogs at home, crouching and jumping, pulling eachother’s ears and irritating the crap out of eachother! It’s all fun and games and life as a Wild dog would suit me just fine. It’s incredible how they respect one another. Only 1 pair in that entire group will mate with each other…the rest just know they are not that pair and will never do it. You would think ‘instinct’ would take over, as our human male counterparts would say! Hahaha, but not for these guys, they know the rules and they stick to them. The same goes for their feeding. I watched almost all of the other dogs run away from the carcass and battle with each other for a piece of meat the size of an ice cream tub while the elders peacefully sat next to carcass licking and taking a bite out of it when they felt like it…no stress whatsoever. Such incredible animals, such incredible subjects. I can now say Wild dogs are my new favourite animals. I say my new, because it seems to change quite a bit, it’s been the Brown hyena for a while now so I thought I’d give them a break, and for now focus on the Painted wolves of Southern Africa.

More pics will follow soon.