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Le Nautique Mahe‘s sister property is situated on the tiny island of La Digue, only a short ferry ride from the mainland Mahe. This gorgeous property is situated close to the shops and nearby village, making it the perfect spot to explore the island. One of the reasons why I love La Digue so much is that it takes a step back from the crazy busy world we live in. Everyone still rides their bikes around the island and there are hardly any cars.  It exudes a barefoot, chilled and natural way of life.

La Digue is home to the famous beach of Anse Source D’Argent, one of the world’s most photographed beaches as well as wild Giant Aldabra tortoises that roam the streets and forest areas of the island, which there are plenty of. If you love exploring (at a slow pace) and want to see beauty every which way you turn your head, you should visit the island.

The beautiful hotel is situated on the water’s edge and is decorated just as beautifully as the luxury apartments on Mahe. The owners built it up from scratch and I love that they have stuck to the original Creole architecture but with a modern twist. It’s hard to believe there was only a small beach shack in place of where it stands now.

I am pretty sure, actually I am positive, it will be one of the top hotels on the island not only because there aren’t that many luxury hotels on La Digue, but also because is it just simply stunning! See for yourself…


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