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Lone treeSo I decided to blog about a much needed pocket of sunshine, warmth, white sand and cocktails because of the coldness Joburg has to offer. Think of this as your mid-year mind holiday. My friends and I went to Mauritus for 2 weeks at the end of last year and man, oh man, I love that place. Great people, great beaches, not-so-great food (I’m more of a fan of plain, simple food) but even that was great. We met loads of South Africans, drank too much, partied and explored – all that a holiday should be!

If only all places could be like this, but then again the bush would be too far away from me (I might die a slow and painful death without that)…okay so let’s just put a tropical island in the middle of South Africa. Sorted.

Along the way I took my camera out…


The friends that joined me, Marc, Donna, Warren, and Mike.

My little brother and I on a yacht.