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This time last month I got proposed to. Now, normally I’m not a showy person at all but I thought this would be something that I should blog about…partly because my ring is sooo beautiful and so was the proposal 🙂

If any of you know me well, you’ll know I am completely in love with my dogs. So this is what Mike did: I went to bed after we had gone out for a normal dinner at one of our favourite restaurants close by to our house. He said he was going to put something on the tv downstairs so he could watch in bed while I was sleeping so I said, “Ok,” – like any other normal night. As I was falling asleep I heard a commotion of dogs running up the stairs. As Jordy ran into our bedroom, Mike turned on the lights and Jordy had ‘Marry me’ balloons tied around his collar and then our newest pup, Bailey jumped up on the bed and had the ring around her collar. He was then next to me on his knee.

So now it’s my turn to find the photographer…I’m so excited!

So that’s the story – it’s adorable, well to me any way!! And here is the ring… 🙂