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Welcome to 2011! Wow, last year went by so quickly and a whole new year awaits us with new opportunities and new adventures. I’m sure, like most of you out there, can’t wait to get started with it. To get you going I’ve added 2 new desktops for January to the site for your use – feel free to share! On that note, if you aren’t a fan on my facebook page yet, please click on the link and help me spread the word 😉

The first photograph here was taken in Mauritius at sunset. The rocks created such a wonderful silhouette that I didn’t need to do much to get the picture I wanted, mostly just point and click!

The second photograph was taken in Bela Bela on a rainy morning. As you know I love taking macro shots and even though this wasn’t taken with a macro lens – it was actually taken with a kit lens! – I still feel that it works. So here you go, a beautiful sunset and a crisp clean morning to start the year off. Enjoy!

Click here to download the sunset

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