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w2.jpgMy friends and I recently went to a farm in Waterval Boven for a very long weekend, 5 days; it was awesome, despite the fact the people who rented out the farm house completely ripped us off! But that is besides the point. You still make do out of what you have and make the most of a trip with buddies (even in you are on a trout farm with no actual trout in ANY of the dams!). Anyway the farm was surrounded by beautiful scenery so it kind of made up for it, here are a few shots of the catastrophe/awesome holiday. P.S I would put up the link (so you guys don’t go there) but I’d rather just say the place begins with a ‘trout’ and ends with a ‘ways’….

I love this one, my friends Mike and Natalie cuddling up by the dam – makes me want to do wedding photography!