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Profile1Surfing the web can bring you a lot of things. Friends, fame, music, power… are a few, but the ones that I find exhilarating and exciting are the new ventures and ideas to be explored. The internet for me, is a tool that I use all the time to get ideas. I used to do it often when I was a copywriter. All I did was type a word into Google images and waalllaaa! Millions of ideas came streaming in, creating new paths for me follow and explore all in order to get that ‘perfect’ ad. Is there such a thing – I’m still contemplating. So naturally I went to my new age tool for my passion. Whether it would help, I did not know.

You see my problem is that I want to be a successful photographer but I don’t want to do it like every one else does. That is one thing about me…I NEED to be different, one of my favourite quotes is, “Make it new~Ezra Pound”. Get my drift? It’s quite a hassle really, but I did find something that could be of use while on my exploration.

Natural and wild (no, not people jumping off skyscrapers into teacups…I mean, as in a game farm) portraiture. This way I will be sticking to what I believe in…my photography, my kind of way. I’m starting to like the idea more and more and hopefully you guys will too. I’d appreciate any comments on whether you think I should walk down the path, run down it or turn around…