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Wild dogs are definitely at the top of my list for one of my favourite animals on earth, I just can’t get over their beauty even though I know how savage they can be. But there is something about them that just makes me feel fuzzy and happy to be alive to witness their interactions between each other and their striking beauty. On the the 2nd day of our photographic safari in Madikwe we came across this pack of 14 dogs much to my excitement! There was something in the bush that they were all staring at and jumping away from, probably a snake. The dogs were all so intrigued as to what this thing was and kept going in for a closer look and then springing back. Their personalities are so awesome! After they got bored with the snake they started to play with each other and then eventually moved off into the African bush.

Later that night the dogs had killed, what we think was a Klipspringer, right next to the fence of our camp (they even broke through the electric wire) but sadly by the time we got back they had finished their meal already. Nevertheless I still love these pics! Hope you do too!