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As I’m sure some of you will know, recently our first Beagle, Jordy sadly passed away due to cancer – it was very aggressive and took him away from us so quickly, it was devastating. He was the most wonderful dog, affectionate, scarily human-like, adorable and had the most wonderful nature. The perfect dog one could only dream of. When he passed away I was completely heartbroken – I couldn’t eat or go out – he was my baby and he was gone. I’m sure a lot of you think I am crazy but I’ve just always felt this way about dogs. But as life goes on I had to as well and not forgetting that Bailey was still here and she needed me too. Bailey was the more crazy of the two, always wanting to play and run and jump and generally go mad until she fell asleep again and she too needed a friend again.

I wanted to write this post because we weren’t sure of when we should get another dog. The house felt as if it had a hole in it and for us, the best thing to do was to get another dog – and when I say another dog, I don’t mean new as we weren’t replacing Jordy, we were simply adding another to our family. When we went to go pick Jasper up I knew right away that he wasn’t Jordy and we weren’t replacing him, he was a completely different dog (I was really scared that I would feel like I was being mean to Jordy). It was a very difficult time for me to go through – should I or shouldn’t I. But eventually I realised when the time feels right for you, it’s right and you’ll know. For us it was quite soon and we are very happy that we got our new addition. Bailey is happy and crazy again and Jasper has a great, loving home.

Here are a few pics of the happy little Beagle family again…and now the tables have turned, Jasper is now the crazy one, as you’ll see…