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Imagine waking up to the sun rising over La Digue in front of you, all seen from your private beach tucked away in the lush greenery on Praslin. Giant fruit bats soar through the air going back to their nests and the bright turquoise water on your private beach laps onto your feet while you watch it change into colours of pink and orange as the sun rises. Only accessible by boat this property is really quite special.

The Indonesian style cottage was actually made in Indonesia and shipped to Praslin where it was rebuilt and not a drop of its authentic Indonesian charm has been lost on its travels across the world. If you’re looking for solitude among nature on one of the most beautiful beaches in Praslin you can sink your feet into the powdered sand that lies in front of Anse La Farine as apart from the masses of tropical fish in the water the cottage lives alone. Two people, one private beach, world-class snorkeling and a cottage made to look like it meant to be in a movie? You do the math… 😉


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