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I am probably just about as passionate about home decor as I am about photography and I completely believe that you should decorate your home in a way that extends who you are. In my case African travel has been my muse. I love to collect beautiful items from all over the continent, whether it be a map I found in a tiny store in La Digue or a washed up woven fishing net I found on the Tanzanian coast. Everything has a story and it’s wonderful to look around and remember those moments.

But, for when I’m not breathing in another culture on distant shores I browse through treasure troves found right here in Jo’burg.

These are my favourite and very unique stores around the bustling city:


If you don’t know about this special spot I suggest you make a plan to get there. The shop is based in Kramerville underneath Katy’s Palace bar. As soon as you walk in, you are transported to another world, a maze filled with treasures and cultural richness from Northern Africa, and the east. There are always unexpected pieces here so be sure to look down every alley.

2. Moroccan House

This unique and exotic Moroccan destination is situated in Menlo Park, Pretoria, and is close to the N1 highway. Expect volumes of colour and poufs, exquisite and intricate detailed fabrics and lights shipped directly from the set of Aladdin.

Moroccan house

3. African Artwork

Ok, I might be a bit biased on this one but I really feel transported when I look back at these prints. Each photograph takes me to exactly where I was standing when I created the image and I only hope that I give that feeling to my clients.

Stylish design of new spacious interior of lounge in big expensive house. Black and white decorations in room

4. Earth Interiors

This beautiful shop is located on Witkoppen road in the Rustic Timber garden centre. Items are sourced from all over Africa and brought to the store ensuring quality craftsmanship and authentic goods. Expect wooden carvings of Mozambique fish and Pangolins, tribal masks, Bamaleke stools and chic yet rustic coffee tables made from tree roots and latte.

African decor shops johannesburg