The start of spring

insect1.jpgAs I write this there is a storm brewing outside…the sky has turned that yellowish-grey colour, the wind has started to howl and the trees are swaying like a piece of mutton cloth stuck on barbwire, and I am so excited. This is the start of spring, our first rain of the hot season and with rain comes one thing that makes me even more excited. Bugs. After this rain there is sure to be a whole lot more bees, butterflies, flies, spiders, worms, ants and the fifty million other types of insects that people often overlook. But the truth is that these little guys take you to a whole new world with their colours and giant multiple eyes. These creatures are some of the most beautiful we have on our planet. Here are a few pics I took just before winter started and I can’t wait to get out there again, which thankfully will be in a few days…

For some more insect shots click here.

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