The Fairway Hotel and Spa Art Prints

This is the last batch of photos I did for the Fairway Hotel and Spa on Randpark Golf Course. The Hotel was finished before the World cup started and looks absolutely beautiful, but sorry you can’t go have a look at it just yet…as the Brazilian soccer team is staying there right now and no one is allowed in. It’s pretty cool that they go home and sleep with my photos at night! 😉 I’ll be doing some work on the outside on the hotel at the end of July (when the Brazilians have left) so you’ll get to see a bit more of it then. Until then, here’s a sneak peak of the inside rooms.

By the way, all of my prints are available for sale, so if you’re interested be sure to send me an e-mail! info[@]

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    […] so so beautiful and the view is just green golf course all around you. I was lucky enough to do the prints inside the hotel as well and sort of feel attached to the place now! It really is a stunning place for […]

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