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Zambian hospitality photography taita falcon lodge

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to go up to Zambia and Zimbabwe to go and shoot two lodges next to the amazing Victoria Falls. Taita Falcon lodge is perched on the edge of a cliff overlooking rapids 18 and 19 of the Zambezi river – oh my word, what a view!! The crazy thing is that you don’t expect it when you walk into the lodge, so as soon as you walk into the main area of the lodge you are completely drawn to the edge of the deck and I swear you can just stare out there all day. It is incredible. The river flowing beneath you is so loud (even though you are really far above it) it sounds like you are at a beach house where the waves are literally lapping onto your patio. What a beautiful place.

My brief was not a full hospitality shoot but to just capture the view that this place has to offer – hopefully I’ve managed to do it! If you ever have a chance to go and visit Zambia (which is an amazing country by the way) make sure you stop off at Taita where Anmarie will welcome you with open arms and amazing food.

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