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  • Photographing La Digue | Part 2

    la digue-3

    There are loads of beautiful and traditional places to stay on the island but these would be my recommendations for a traveller looking for a little bit more luxury and a hotel vibe. Where to stay: Reccomended accommodation: Le Domaine de l’Orangeraie La Digue island lodge Patatran Hotel How to get there: Flights from South […]

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  • Photographing La Digue | Part 1

    Seychelles travel

    The islands of the Seychelles are some of the most beautiful in the world. Azure tropical blues of the seas, emerald greens of palm trees and Coco de Mer plants and jet black granitic rocks are mixed with the soft hues of the evening and morning light. All of these aspects make up the perfect […]

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  • The Travel Cult

    Kilimanjaro summit

    His face is sunburnt and leathery, his hat flapping in the sea breeze as he passes it to you, explaining that you shouldn’t pass the Talking parrot otherwise you might have gone too far. You take the key and head to your hotel room. Travel is a drug. Think about it, you try it once, […]

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  • Must-do’s in Mauritius

    Day out mauritius

    After recently returning from a beautiful trip to Mauritius (even though it was for work 🙂 ) I thought I should give you all a run down on the best things to do around the island. There are many blogs out there letting you know the popular conventional (and awesome) things to do and so […]