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After a busy start to the year I traveled back from Madagascar and was almost instantly on my way to Zanzibar. I had two properties to shoot, Seacliff and Matemwe which I will get to later. I have shot at Seacliff before and just love this hotel. The staff are awesome and friendly, the rooms offer great value – they are really stunning. There are two pools spread quite a way from each other offering a quiet choice and more involved option. There is also a private beach on the right hand side of the property which makes you feel like you kind of have your own little private island. This is because at a lot of the other hotels in Zanzibar the beaches are open to the public and it can sometimes be a bit annoying having beachboys nag you into buying things. But don’t get me wrong, that is all about the Zanzibar experience. But like with all things people like different things. One thing I really do love about this hotel is that it is luxurious without being pretentious. Every time I have been there the food has been amazing and the view even more so. The entire hotel looks out onto a jetty that peeps out into the giant expanse of azure Indian ocean and the colours of the blue in the sea change every day. It really is quite beautiful. You can’t help but just stare out all the time.

Since I was there before to shoot, I only had a few things to shoot this time and it was mostly a few activities. So if you’d like a view of the whole hotel revert back to my other post about this awesome place.

Definitely one of my recommendations if you ever visit beautiful Zanzibar.


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