Sable Mountain Lodge | Selous, Tanzania

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My first stop in Tanzania recently was the famous Selous Game reserve. From Dar es Salaam I caught the Tazara train which a lot of tourists do, but beware! It may not always arrive on time or get you there on time! After waiting in the station for a 7 hour delay we eventually got there safely at around 3 in the morning-needless to say it was definitely an adventure. You stop in the middle of nowhere…no station and you’re in the middle of a game reserve! It was very surreal. Sable Mountain lodge is an awesome secluded spot on the border of Selous and you are able to see for miles as you’re perched on top of a hill. It is a stunning place with the friendliest people. That’s definitely one thing about Tanzania –  the people are the friendliest you’ve ever met! Enjoy the pics! Next stop…Zanzibar!

I had to record some of the wonderful things said in their guest book. Every page you come across says something about the amazing staff…

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