Rhino Day

rhino conservation south africa

The WWF (World wildlife fund) has declared today, the 22nd of September Rhino day. The reason being…well I’m pretty sure you all know why…210 Rhinos have been slaughtered for their horns all over South Africa since the beginning of the year. If you are in Cape Town today and anywhere near Parliament please go and blow your horn outside to show your support for the rhinos. If you aren’t near the action you can still participate by letting everyone you know, know about what is happening (if they haven’t heard already) and create awareness. On Monday there was a huge breakthrough in the plight to save these creatures when a syndicate was caught and arrested. This included veterinarians as well as a Safari operator. I’m so so glad they caught these so-called humans as I am sure you are too.

Please spread the word today about the Rhinos and lets help get this issue sorted!! This creature is too beautiful to lose.

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