Photo of the day | The evening sea | Mauritius

Mauritius hotel photographer

Just after the sun goes down, there is a moment in time where the world turns an incredible shade of blue. This moment lasts about 20 minutes in total and is probably my most favourite time of the day to shoot. On this particular day I had noticed the jetty and was excited to see how it would light up at night. I knew it would make for an awesome photo.

So, I set up my tripod, set up the shot and waited.

Something I am forever doing when doing these these types of shots. And when the light was just right, I clicked my shutter and waited more (long shutter speed) and ended up with one of my favourite shots of the shoot at Preskil beach resort.

(Iso 800, 10mm, f7.1, 5.0 sec)

Mauritius hotel photographer


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