Photo of the Day | Kilimanjaro summit

landscape photography of kilimanjaro uhuru peak

I thought I’d go a bit back in time for this photo. At this particular moment I was nearing the summit of the highest mountain in Africa. It was still pretty dark as we were heading up to Uhuru peak but I fell in love with this glacier and wanted to capture it somehow. To be honest I didn’t plan this photo at all but when another hiker came walking past I saw an opportunity (I especially loved that he was wearing red – the contrasting colours were great!) Some of the time when photographing you don’t plan, things just happen and you have to quick on the ball! This is still one of my favourite I’ve ever taken – maybe it’s because it was a great moment in my life but a part from that I love the blurred motion of the hiker showing his struggle as he’s walking across the snow and knowing that he had the same feeling as me at that exact moment was pretty cool too 🙂

I’d love to hear what you think of it!

landscape photography of kilimanjaro uhuru peak

f 4.5; SS: 1/3; 18mm; ISO 3200

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