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A friend of mine recently started a great new company called Online Invites. Basically what they do is create online invitations for any event you need and by doing it all online they eliminate the cost of paper and are therefore eco friendly! I think it’s an awesome idea and anything that helps to conserve and protect our environment is worth having a look at. They can do anything you want; Save the Dates, Showers, Birthdays, Corporate events etc. and also host the invitation online for you and email all your guests. No stress, especially for a bride who has to do a million things! Here is some of the recent work they have done…if you’d like to get hold of them click on the bottom logo 🙂





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  1. Dean

    Hi Kerry, I recently saw a “Save the Date” mini-website for a friend of mines wedding that was created by I thought it was really classy and of very high quality, as it should be for such an occasion.

    I can’t wait to use them!!

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