Nature’s Souls

So…I’ve taken the steps. The steps to success I hope! I’ve found a kind of new love, or should I say a new branch to what I love to do – taking natural photos of families and people. I find there is so much more beauty in somebody when they don’t know you’re photographing them. Think of all the great National Geographic photos that will stay in your mind FOREVER! Most of them, if not all of them are not forced with stiff smiles at all…they are natural and evoke so much more beauty than Colgate teeth and ‘don’t know where to look eyes’. I must say I’ve taken quite an interest in this and I am quite surprised. In myself that is. I thought I would only be a wildlife girl, but it looks like I could be doing this for a while too. Little kids make interesting subjects themselves…

So here are a few from my new venture…little Colby’s first birthday.

And one other of another beautiful little girl. More will follow of Jasmine Amber Dykes soon :o)

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