Mating elephants

mating elephants

I was recently asked to go a nearby game lodge (which will soon  be revealed!) to go and do some artwork for prints for their hotel and chalet rooms and while I was doing the artwork two elephants near the watering hole which is right in front of the lodge started mating right in front of me. Because I was taking pics of arty things I didn’t have a longer lens with me (which killed me) but I still managed to get some ok shots with my 50mm and 70mm. Man how I wish I had my 300mm!! It was still a great experience watching them. They played in the water for about an hour, rolling around, dunking each other under water and of course…getting it on! 🙂

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  1. What great pictures! I always find that the images of animals “being animals” are the most inspirational. Some of my favorite images are the ones of “the chase.” I think many times people only see the cute and cuddly image of an African safari, and not enough of the real wildlife survival instincts that go on. I feel as though it makes you appreciate Africa’s delicate wildlife a bit more.

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