Lions of the Pilanesberg

wildlife photography south africa

A couple of weeks ago I went to Pilanesberg for one night to see if I could get in a bit of wildlife photography. I honestly think I was pretty lucky that day as we only went on one drive and came across a pride of  4 young males and one female. The sighting was awesome. First of all they tried to catch a warthog which basically walked right into where they were lying down. 2 of them slowly crept through the grass surrounding the warthog and her family but their agile little bodies and the young male’s inexperience led to them getting away.

Then around 20 minutes later a few wildebeest decided to have a walk through the area as well. One of the males was lying on the road in front of the vehicle and the wildebeest was in front of him. We think that the wildebeest was concentrating on the vehicle which made it easier for the young male to get quite close to them without being noticed (you’ll see in the pictures). But unfortunately, for the lion, they managed to get away as well. All in all it was an awesome hour an half sighting. Not bad for 2 hours from Joburg!

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