Kirsten and Kirsty | Portrait shoot

bridal photo

For a while now my friend and I have been planning a shoot like this and we finally did it this past weekend! I know of a secret place in a secret world where the fields have light bulbs attached to the ends of the tall grass and it was the perfect place for our fun, vintage style shoot. Kirsten and Kirsty were a little shy at first but as we got into it they started to have fun and lots of it. I’ve had to divide this post into two because there were too many pretty photos of these two super pretty girls 🙂 Hope you guys like them!

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  1. Kirsten Wentzel says:

    well done kez! how much do you sell prints for?

  2. kirsty wilde says:

    Absolutely fantastic! thank you so much! xxx

  3. Simon Wilde says:

    Really lovely Pics

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