Kilimanjaro: Day 3 and 4


Day 3: Shira to Barranco huts

Diary excerpts

This was definitely the hardest day yet. We started out like every early morning with a 3 part breakfast which by now, none of us wanted. I felt like vomiting in the middle of the night and Dad almost puked three times this morning. We both took a Diamox so hopefully the nausea will go away now. It has been raining since we woke up and started trekking, all the way up to Lava Tower (4600m to acclimatise) where it proceeded to snow (Yay!!! My first snowfall! It was beautiful even though I was freezing cold and completely soaked!) Lava Tower was more like Terror Tower – Dad hated every second of this walk. Our waterproof clothes were not so waterproof either, we were both drenched and freezing the entire time walking to the next camp. After reaching Lava Tower we had to walk down a waterfall in the snow and rain which I can say was not very easy. Coming down the mountain is the worst, my knees are in pain (we had to come down to sleep low).

After a change of clothes and the feeling of not being absolutely freezing anymore at camp, Kilimanjaro showed her face again after being covered in clouds the entire day and made us all feel a bit better. We’re getting closer now.

Day 4: Barranco huts to Barafu camp (summit camp)

At least it wasn’t raining this morning! We got moving quite quickly this morning to avoid getting wet and I’m pretty sure everyone had the same idea. Being cold and wet and walking 20km is not ideal. I’m excited now. Tonight we get up at 23:00pm and start our ascent to the highest peak in Africa. I can’t believe I’m going to be on top of Africa. Barafu camp is freezing cold and the wind is howling. Hopefully it’s not this cold tonight…For now I’ll try to get some sleep – 6pm-11pm

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  1. Kirsten Wentzel says:

    amazing keri!!!

  2. Danielle Devin says:

    This is an unforgettable experience, im so jealous!your photographs capture the essence of the climb, super beautiful and breath taking (literally)

    Very proud of u kez!

  3. Pete says:

    Great shots! Loving the blog,congrats’ 🙂

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