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After hosting a fantastic workshop with on Saturday, we are really excited about the opportunities that are coming not only our way, but yours too! We are planning some awesome safaris for the upcoming year and can’t wait to bring everything into fruition. Don’t forget to keep coming back to my blog for updates on workshops and safaris… 🙂

After our very recent photo safari to Madikwe we had some great sightings, some of which included a leopard enjoying a tasty impala meal and many, many lions. There is one thing (among many) that never gets old when you’re in the African bush and that is a big cat’s stare. There is nothing more intense than having a huge male lion stare you down. You’re almost scared to not look at him, but along with that you can’t get over their beauty. When taking photographs of big cats and you get that shot where they are looking your way, with a bit of catch light in their eyes, it just brings the photograph alive and almost always makes you want to be right back there, enjoying that exact moment again. Here are a few of my moments that I wish I could time travel back to!

And even if it is just a Zebra stare…it’s still a moment  😉

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  1. Gerry

    Nice shots all round Kerry! 🙂

  2. Sandy Salle

    I love the last shot of the zebra! I believe what draws me to this photograph is it’s modern element–with the black and white stripes complemented by the black and white photograph. And the lines throughout the photograph are so unique and really add a contemporary dynamic to the photo. Well done!

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