andBeyond’s Grumeti Tented Camp | Serengeti, Tanzania

grumeti tented camp in the serengeti

The second of the lodges that I shot in the Serengeti was Grumeti tented camp. Grumeti reminded me of the Okavango Delta as your surrounded by hippos twenty-four-seven. The camp is situated on the banks of the Grumeti river in the western and very wild corridor of the Serengeti and there is nothing around you but wildlife. They even have a resident hippo who walks around the camp as he pleases (he has been kicked out of the bloat) and now has no choice but to walk up onto the other side of the river and feed there – you feel quite sorry for him actually. Lying in bed you are serenaded by the grunts from the many, many hippos, laughing by the many, many hyena and the roars of lion in the distance – it’s quite magical.

Grumeti’s accommodation is permanent tents that are perched overlooking the river full of hippo, and at any given time there must be around 200 right in front of your room, it’s quite amazing. The other (of many) wonderful things about Grumeti is the vastness. We went on a game drive and came across thousands and thousands of Topi and Zebra spread across from horizon to horizon. There were maybe 3 trees in sight on this particular plain. Grumeti is colourful, friendly, exciting and filled with adventure. I will definitely go back one day.

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  1. Natalie Tonner says:

    Wow Kerry those pictures are absolutely gorgeous.

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