Finding beauty in whatever it may be

inspiration8.jpgOk, so I know I’m going a bit abstract this week but it’s just one of those weeks where you feel all creative and fluffy and airy…know what I mean? If not I’ll tell you…being a photographer is being an artist and you will find inspiration anywhere and everywhere, but sometimes we get too stuck up in what we are meant to shoot and don’t shoot the things we would shoot if we had the time. There is beauty almost everywhere we look; we live in such an amazing country and things are just popping out at you waiting to be photographed…if you look for them. For me it was my fan in my room, just a simple appliance but it had so much beauty in it when I took a closer look…

I challenge you to look around and find the things that grab your attention and photograph them. One of my Twitter friends, and an amazing photographer, @Shemimages did a challenge last month where he shot one thing a day and posted it up on Twitpic at 5pm every day and not with his camera…with his phone! But the images still came out beautifully and I’m pretty sure it got some creative juices flowing. But the point is find the beauty and photograph it!!!

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  1. myphotographer

    Great pics, like the colour.

  2. Jeanette

    Wow what fab images! Love the colouring

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