Model mom

m3.jpgThis is my mom. I recently shot her out in the gardens; the beginning of spring is such a beautiful time – all of the leaves and blossoms are starting to bloom and you can just feel sunshine, warmth and a whole wave of happier people!  Ok so I won’t say just how old my mom is, but I can tell you she looks pretty fantastic for it (you can thank me later mom…hehehehe). I’ll leave it up to you to guess…enjoy. And oh yes, she’s not a model either, but after a lot of convincing I won her over and she did pretty damn well for a first timer I’d say!

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  1. Muzi Mohale

    Stunning photographs and the unique angles that you’ve used. I’m sure modelling opportunities will now come knocking for her as a result of your initiative.

  2. kerry

    Thanks Muzi! I’m sure she’s going red at the thought of that comment!

  3. Michael

    I suddenly wish I was a couple years older.
    Anyhow, CJ Meintjies watchout theres a Kerry on the block:)

    Nice Work

  4. Fernanda Carvalho

    WOW!!!!!!! what can i say. You look GORGEOUS my friend. You can take up modeling any day Alex. 10 out of 10 xoxoxoxoxo

  5. Maria Minchella

    You certainly captured your mothers beauty. Stunning.

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