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Denis island

Pure paradise. This is my second trip to Denis private island and I couldn’t wait to get there. The island has such a sense of calm around it. Quiet, peaceful and awe-inspiring beautiful. The fact that you are literally in the middle of the Indian Ocean may have something to do with it…

Apart from the natural beauty which you have in hordes around you (ocean birds including Seychelles Noddys, Fairy terns, turtles, tortoises and the amazing sea life) Denis’ attention to detail is amazing. From personalised notes to all the staff knowing your name to perfectly balanced macaroons on a desert plate. I could not fault anything about the island and their staff, who are all so friendly and welcoming.

A point that I must bring up is the food. I don’t think I have ever experienced such beautiful looking and tasting food in all my travels. Everything is so fresh, (as the island has its own farm that feeds the guests), and I really think this makes a huge difference. Exploring the island (which is only 375 acres) on your personal bike which is parked at your chalet is a must-do. Although if you don’t like to read maps (like me) you may end up going around in circles a few times (as I did), especially in the forest. But who cares, when it is that beautiful?

Just to top off my stay, while I was there, a Hawksbill turtle came up to the island and decided that her nesting spot would be next to one of the Chalets. And so we all watched in awe as she laid her eggs and retreated back to the ocean. An experience I will never forget.

If you ever have a chance to visit this beautiful speck in the ocean grab the opportunity with your whole body.

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