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  • Must-do’s in Mauritius

    Day out mauritius

    After recently returning from a beautiful trip to Mauritius (even though it was for work 🙂 ) I thought I should give you all a run down on the best things to do around the island. There are many blogs out there letting you know the popular conventional (and awesome) things to do and so […]

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  • An hour with ancient doors

    hospitality photography in zanzibar

    Walking through Stonetown, Zanzibar is any photographer’s dream. Everywhere you look there’s texture, patterns, moods, carvings, people, alleys and inspiration. After finishing shooting 2 beautiful hotels on the island I was left with one hour to spend in the ancient town before hopping on a flight back to South Africa and so, I got out […]

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  • Photo of the Day | Elephant art

    hospitality photography africa-1-2

    We had a great sighting of elephant near a dam in the Timbavati; there must have been around 30 elephant and in between them fluttering by creating chaos was a flock of Wattled starlings. The interaction was awesome – the starlings were flying and dodging in between elephants at a crazy speed and to make […]