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  • Photography calendars


    Part of one of my packages a little while ago was to include a calendar of my client’s photos (which they could choose) and after having done a few calendars I thought I should share this with you. They came out so beautifully and the printing quality was excellent. My clients’ who received their calendars […]

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  • Ryan and Robyn


    Last week I had the awesome opportunity of photographing two little bundles of energy, Robyn and Ryan. They were so great the entire shoot and didn’t get grumpy once, even though it was boiling hot! I love the way the photos came out, they really show their personalities: Robyn: fun, happy and excitable and energetic, […]

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  • Sebastian


    A few months ago I got to photograph Sebastian and his whole family and what a great family they were. The kids especially were a dream to photograph and Sebastian and his sister Loren, had their own little session. Here are some of the pics from the fun day. Sebastian went through his little sulk […]

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  • Jasmine

    Little Jasmine is a real princess. Her giant blue eyes and gorgeous smile make it impossible to not want to cuddle her. I recently spent some time with her playing with her toys and just being a little girl again. Jas is the sweetest little girl with the biggest heart and loves all things pretty, […]