Botswana trip: Part 1


botswana27.jpgWe started off our journey driving through to Nxai pan where we saw some amazing things! The best being a Caracal (I’ve never seen one before!) but sadly, very sadly…I didn’t manage to get a photo of the fleeting cat, she was beautiful though, everything I’d imagined. Another amazing thing we witnessed was a migration of White storks (the photo is below). I’ve never seen so many storks in one area ever! There must have been thousands; all the white specks you see in the photograph are storks but it doesn’t do the sight justice. There were just too many to get in. All in all the arid, barren pan is an absolutley beautiful place to visit and I’d reccommend the ‘different world’ climate to anyone who would want to visit. The end of this post is the beginning of Moremi game reserve in the Okavango…where the next post will start off and the story will be told then! Enjoy the beauty of Botswana.

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  1. Hi Kerry,

    As usual nice work. Excellent scope from micro to landscape.(Hope terminology’s correct :))

    Keep Well

  2. Hey Kerry!

    Sounds like you had an amazing time, stunning photography well done!

    Thanks once again for lunch the other day, had an awesome time in your company! And thank you for the compliment…returning you the favour, you are a “very nice” young lady. And please keep that smile going, it’s a true sunshine! 🙂

    Talk to ya soon,


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