Botswana: Part 2: Landscape beauty

moremi17.jpgThe second part of my trip was spent in Moremi and then to the Makgadigadi. A reserve that is so wild that you can’t even sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee without having a troop of baboons come and attack you!! One huge male charged us (all he really wanted was a box of biscuits) but of course we thought he was going to kill us! It’s pretty scary when you meet a baboon bigger than you, face to face! One of the scariest things that happened here was when we woke up at about 3 in the morning to the sound of hippos fighting next to our tent. I have never ever heard a sound like that in my life. Then on the other side of the tent were at least 6 hyenas all howling and chattering. It was an experience and adventure to say the least! On this part of the trip we also went on a boat through the delta (one of the definite highlights!) which was absolutely beautiful and we were lead by a fantastic guide named Organ who regularly takes tourists through the winding reeds and not to mention up close and personal encounters with hippos. A definite must for anyone visiting the area.

The lodge in these photos is called Planet Baobab and really is an oasis in the middle of the Kalahari. It is absolutely beautiful and you should definitely visit the place if you are in the area. The decor is unlike anything I have ever seen before.

The best time to view game in the parks that I went to, is in winter because water is scarce which makes all the animals move to one place. Even though we didn’t get to see loads of animals we still saw the beauty of this country, which is truly incredible.

If you’re wondering what this is…it’s the road!!!

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  1. David Maxwell Fine

    Very nice photos – came across you on twitter. Am in Ohio, USA… Went to New Zealand in 2005 but your site is making me think I should have gone to Africa instead… Are you selling any photos? also, what camera are you shooting with?


  2. Fanie Stanton

    …the one of the dead trees in on the landscape…absolute blinding beauty…

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