Alex and James Anniversary shoot


My parents, Alex and James, recently celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary and my gift to them was an anniversary shoot 🙂 Now my parents aren’t the easiest people to photograph…my Dad did not like the idea in the beginning at all I think but my Mom slowly convinced him that this wasn’t so bad. Then I just had to wait for them to begin the shoot with me and the hysterical laughter fits started! I love it when that happens! Laughing shots are possibly my favourite photographs ever and here are many… Hope you guys like them! Even you Dad!

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  1. Ineke Junge says:

    How cool is this shoot!

  2. Kirsten Wentzel says:

    hehehe, amazing pics!!! your mom is so funny!

  3. Jeanette says:

    These are so so stunning! Think I need to do this with my parents

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