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I recently got commissioned to do a painting (after a while of not painting) and after completing it I thought I’d share my ‘other’ love with you. And that is my love for abstract art. I have always painted something, somehow or somewhere (probably the walls of my mother’s house when I was little!) and have  always loved doing it. After continuing with art at school I went to design college and only then realised my love for abstract art, and when I say abstract I mean really abstract! I love creating artworks that are powerful, colorful and full of texture as I am sure you’ll see in the photos.

After not having painted for a while (I think my photography took over a bit) I feel inspired again and am going to start all over again. One of my favourite paintings of all of my work is the blue one…I painted it just after having come back from Mauritius and on that trip I found a love for the sea; my dad took me out to a point where there was no one in sight, just the sea, some rocks and as we discovered a huge coral reef! We spent about half an hour snorkeling in the waves and after seeing parrotfish, eels and millions of others I fell in love with the idea of diving and seeing a different part of the world. The painting for me, said all of that and was a turning point in my life! Possibly why I love it so much 😉 Here are a few of the paintings I have done over the past few years. If you’d like a commissioned art piece send me a mail, I’d love to start my love again!

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  1. Ineke Junge says:

    Love this new painting of yours! Kerry, you truly have the gift of a wonderful all-round artist. XXX

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